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Pet Store Kitten

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I went to the mall today, and when I walked inside the petstore, I seen a little 'black' kitten being bought. First things first, that somewhat scared me because of Halloween is a month away! Anyway, I walked passed them to go see the puppies. (pet stores have never really angered me so much til today) and seen a WHOLE litter of Jack Russel Terriers! That was a bit overboard to me. Then I seen 2 Bulldog/Pug mixes. One looked exactly like a pug, and the other exactly like a Bulldog. I KNEW they were both from the same litter, but they had those two separated - and the Jack Russels in the same cage. Why couldn't they been in the same cage??
I watched as someone was interested in a Jack Russel Terrier puppy then I noticed the huge cage the kitten was from. And alas, two more BLACK kittens! One was sleeping and it wouldn't wake up for me. The other was fluffy and drinking water. It drank soo slowly, looked soo weak. Then it looked up at me and let water drip out of its mouth.. )))) Then kitty went over and started eating. Little kids came over in awe over the cute kittens, but couldn't tell how sad they actually were!

I left with my stressed/sad eyes and was quiet as we left. I couldn't stop thinking of how sad those kittens were. My fear is up because of black cats and halloween... They even only cost $20 each.
As we left my fiance said we could go get the kittens if I wanted to - so permission granted.
HOWEVER, I'm having very mixed feelings here. I want to save those kitties and make sure they are safe through Halloween and then try and get them homes. BUT I do not want to support a puppy-store.. Tell me what do I do?! :cry: I also have to make an appointment for my rescued senior kitty, Clyde, to see if he has a skin disorder - I REALLY wish that vet called me back and gave me a job!
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Someone told me that pet stores sometimes drug their wares to keep them quiet. Those kittens sound like they are o.d.!
I agree with you that buying those kitties will just encourage the store to do this over and over again at the expense of the animals. :(
Maybe you can talk to the store manager first. Also, since you are visiting the vet, he may have other suggestions. Perhaps even the local SPCA will help!
Good luck!
How could the fellow at SPCA be so uncaring? :shock: I can't believe it!
In another forum, I read of someone who has fish as pets went to the local Walmart and did not like the condition of the betta for sale. She was advised that she email Walmart with her complain and the branch number of the store. I believe it helped.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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