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Phoenix vs. her collar

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I got two new kittens a while ago, and I adore them. They were foster sisters, and we couldn't bear to seperate them. They're about 5 months old. Phoenix is a brown tabby, and Munky is a tortie. They're both females.

Well, today I went out and bought them collars with tags. Munky, whose usually really skittish, is doing fine with her collar. However, I can't leave the collar on Pheonix. She does anything she can to get it off, and has even hurt one of her claws getting it caught. We're really worried about her getting caught on it, so we took it off. She NEEDS to get used to the collar because when summer comes, we'll be letting the outside on a harness and cat-run, and she has to do wellwith the harness. I just thought a collar would bea good first step towards it (and is fine for munky). Do you guys have any suggestions for getting her use to the collar? Do you think she'd be better with the harness and should I just use one of those? Would it be a better idea to maybe just sharpee her name and number onto a collar so she doesn't have to deal with the tag? Is there a better kind of collar I can use? (this is a usual nylon safety collar). Is it possible that Phoenix is allergic to nylon? She scartches the collar horribly.

Thank you for your thoughts and ideas!
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My cats hated theirs the first day so I only left it on for a little while at a time. Now they don't even know they are there -- they just got used to them and maybe yours will too. I'd just keep trying. One of mine was a little more difficult, I just gave him a new catnip toy right after putting the collar on. He played with the toy so long and by the time he was bored with it, he totally forgot about the collar.

Some cats automatically calm down when they feel a harness around them -- maybe you could try introducing her to this as well. And as with any training -- make sure to reward your cat when she shows the desired behavior. Associate the collar/harness with good things like treats, a kind voice, and petting. They do also make collars that don't need tags because they come with a weather-proof little id thingy that goes right around the collar itself -- it's built in.

If your cat absolutely won't learn to tolerate one, do you really have to let her outside? Can't she just be an indoor cat?
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phoenixcat said:
Well, ran into a problem with Munky and her collar now...she wore it for a few days, then learned how to unbuckle it, lol.

With Phen I might just use the harness, I'll go pick one up on monday or so :) .

Just make sure you don't let him wear that unsupervised -- kitties can get tangled in them and hurt themselves. :)
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