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Old pictures. Printed on photo paper! We all have them somewhere, probably hiding in our closets... :razz:

I found some pictures of my cats from 15+ year ago and since my scanner isn't working I took a picture with my phone and then transferred them to the computer and then transferred them to photoshop, where I (sort of) made them look better... but they really need to be scanned for the right dimensions and lighting.

This was Lucky, he was my first cat. I got him when I was five and my father found him at his workplace while he was tearing down a stage... he also had a few day long detour stuck in the car of a coworker when he got lost in the car and everyone thought he'd escape out a crack in the window. He could fit in a tea cup when we got him... but he only lived to be three years old, he had crystals and the vets (at the time, or ours in particular) didn't think there was anything to be done...

Blaze! He's 16 now, and these pictures look to be taken around or before his first year. He even looks sort of spooked here... he was a feral kitten.

Here he is with a Super Mario booklet from Super Nintendo :D The picture was blurry to start with, and taking a picture of it didn't help.

One of these days I'm going to scan some pictures properly... who here has got around to scanning older pictures of their pets?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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