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Playing or being too Rough

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So my new kitty, Maddy, is 8 weeks and sooooo tiny compared to Emmy who just turned 1 on Wednesday. I have my bathroom set-up for her while I am at work and sleeping, but I have been letting her out for a few hours into the apartment with Emmy. Yesterday Emmy was a bit bent out of shape and hissed and growled. Now Emmy is very interested in Maddy. She follows her around and chases her and such.

My question is, how can I tell what is her just trying to play and what is her being aggressive? Everything looks like she is being too rough to me as she is so much bigger than the kitten. I'm assuming Maddy would make some kind of noise or try to get away from her if Emmy was hurting her right?
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If Emmy's really hurting Maddy, Maddy would be screeching when Emmy attacks, and then run away from her to hide, then you know Emmy is being too rough. Hissing and growling are normal reactions for an older cat to a new addition, and will play "rough" to dominate the kitty to show her who's boss in the house, this is likely what is going on. If Maddy isn't too concerned with the "attacks" and still continues to play and is showing no fear of Maddy, then just sit back and enjoy the antics and don't intervene. Do you have an interactive fishing-pole type of toy like "Da Bird"? This is a good tool to play with them together, giving each one a turn at catching the "bird". This will help them get to know one other and demonstrate that you aren't showing any favoritism.
at first, our cat sharky wasn't used to princes and he was really growling nastily to her and trying to corner her and be really fresh,but once he got used to her, they play allthe time. this is how you can tell. Hissing and growling is normal in play, but if your smaller cat always alaways looks like she's the prey, then they're probably not playing, but if they're taking turns together, both going at it back and forth, and as long as there is no blood drawn, fur ripped out or cuts, then they're fine....the other user above is right, your smaller cat would be hollering a lot and scream if she were truly upset and then she'd run and hide....our cats both pounce on each other, knock each other off the bed, bonk each other's haeds into the dresser pretty hard and wrestle on top of us while we're sleeping and will then go on to lick and cuddle each other the next minute later....
They are best friends! Emmy only hissed and growled for the first day and a half when the kitten was out for supervised playtime. After that she stopped hissing and growling and the two always play very well. Emmy is really good with the kitten. The kitten pushed Emmy out of her own food dish to eat her food and Emmy just moves to the side and the kitten is always pouncing on her. They both sleep on the bed with me at night. Everything is going VERY well!
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