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Hello everyone,
Last year I adopted three cats, two males (2 and 5) and one female (2), all of them are neutered/spayed. Overall they get along very well, they groom each other and there has been no aggression shown as far as I can tell.

The only thing I've noticed that at times the older male will grab the female by the neck and push her on the ground while yelling. At first I was concerned he was trying to mate with her, but he never actually tries to mount her, he just stands there and then lets her go after a while.

I have done some research and some people said that male cats will use the neck grabbing to disarm a female who annoys them, which makes sense, my female cat is very clingy and the older male prefers to have some space (he smacks the younger male as well when he's getting to wild, but he never does the neck grabbing thing). Plus the yelling he does while grabbing her is the same kind of sound he makes when he gets woken up by the other two or is annoyed by them (both of the younger cats are very playful and seem to be a bit much for the older one sometimes)

So what do you think, what could be the reason for this behaviour? As I mentioned, both the male and female are desexed so I found it a bit strange. The female is showing no discomfort (sometimes she even purrs and tries to playfully hit him) so I'm not really concerned, just curious really.
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