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I have two established rabbits who live at my house they live outside during the day and come inside on weekends and evenings - typically they are in the house around 5-10 hours a day.

On Saturday we adopted an adult male cat (about 2 years old) who has been neutered and I'm desperate to bond him with my rabbits - even if he just ignores them that's fine but I need to know that he's not going to attack them.

I decided to put the cat in one room and the rabbits in the next room and open the door and put some chicken wire between the rooms so they could sniff one another but couldn't attack - just in case - I've done this 4 times now. On the first couple of occasions the rabbits were very scared of the cat and were thumping their feet, on the next two times they had got over their fear and were quite curious of the cat - they were sniffing at the mesh gate. The problem was the cat...he was laid watching the rabbits - stalking them sharpening his claws and getting ready to pounce - in the end I had to end the bonding session as I just didn't trust the cat not to pounce - especially since the chicken wire fence wasn't all that strong.

Please can anyone help me move forward from this? How do I make the cat see that the rabbits are not prey and that I love them? There is no way that I can keep them separate for the rest of their lives - the rabbits play such a big part in my life and I like having them in the house running free - that's what they're used to. Are there any techniques you know of that I can use on the cat to make him ignore the rabbits?

Please help!
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