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Please help me get closure...

Simba was my "first baby". She was a gorgeous cat, and very loving, and I was her person. She had a "sensitive stomach" as the vets would say and would binge and purge. When she threw up, her food was almost whole, because that is what she did, binged, and purged... but vets said because she was heavy enough (13 pounds), there was nothing to worry about.

She also occasionally got hairballs. One time she had a bladder infection (the same time I brought a new kitten in the house which had a bladder infection) but we put them both on antibiotics and they both got better... Last year, she started drooling really bad (no other symptoms), and I took her to the vet and she turned up having ulcers on her tongue. Again, antibiotics, and she was better.

This past year, she seemed to be very well, normal Simba. About three weeks ago, she started coming into our bed at night for comfort it seemed. I thought it odd, but loved her with us. This past week, I noticed that it looked like she was losing weight, and that's weird, I haven't cleaned up her usual purge in a while. I gave her plenty of attention, and she seemed fine except one thing... one of the cats were pooing on the concrete basement floor outside of their litterbox. I didn't notice anything that strange about the stool except it was on the small side. I cleaned it up but kind of suspected it might be Simba for some reason.

This past week, I found her in our living room, pooing on the floor - one single piece and it was a little mucousy. Well, that was it, I took her to the vet.

Vet examined her Wednesday night. She purred and seemed fine except for the weight loss and "pale mucous membranes". There was no stool in her rectum to be examined so vet sent us home after an IV of fluids and a shot of antibiotics and a rabies shot (she was due). Vet told me to decide if we wanted to do some blood work, x-rays or whatever. Simba tried to be alone in our room, and I brought her some water and some wet food (I usually only feed her dry but figured wet would be a treat and she may eat it) and she ate and drank a bit.

Thursday morning I woke up to see how Simba was doing. She was behind a door, lethargic. I was going to take her to the vet but the emergency vet was an hour away (and would close in an hour), and our vet was going to open in an hour. I sat with her and pet her. She flapped her tail around a bit but did not purr. She seemed very tired.

I put her in my office with me on a chair while I started to work for the day. She decided to get up off the chair and that is when the horror began.

She started to wobble around, completely off balance. She laid down on the floor and started to convulse? She put her head way back and howled, and then stopped breathing. I called my husband and cried and said she was dead. To my absolute HORROR, her sides huffed really big. I watched her bring her front paws to her mouth, and she huffed again, and again, and again until finally she was breathing and picked her head up. Her breathing was mucousy, horrible, and her eyes looked wild.

I put her in a laundry basket with a soft fleece blanket, and she got agitated and tried to climb out of the basket but started to do that same - convulsing? again. Her head way back, stretching out, howling, and then she was gone.

I am having a horrible time dealing with this death. What happened? She was 7-1/2 years old. Can anyone shed any light on this? What does all this mean?

Two more points. Before she died, she started to drool clear drool. She also is an indoor only cat - no poisonous household plants, couldn't locate anything obvious she could have eaten or gotten into. I'm a neat freak so I am pretty well able to see anything out of place or dangerous.

Thank you so much!


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You did everything you could. Sometimes these things happen for no apparent reason. Do not blame yourself..even the vet seemed not to know exactly what was wrong. Your cat had a happy time when with you and was well cared for. Remember the good times and as soon as you can put the grief behind you. All cat lovers can appreciate how you feel.
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