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Please help our baby is very sick...updated

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One of our cats, Daisy, seems to be very sick. She is 3 years old with no prior health problems. We called every vet in town on Friday and we were unable to get her in. We have no 24 hour animal hospital either.

I don't have any idea what might be wrong with her. She is laying on the floor in our closet and hasn't moved in two days. She won't even stand up. If you try to make her stand, she lays right back down. She is not her normal, busy self at all. Normally she goes right to where the action is.

She is getting worse. Friday, she was hiding in the closet. She would still get up, go eat, etc. but she would go right back. This morning, she was more lethargic, now she won't even move.

We have isolated her to our bedroom with her own litterbox. She hasn't been eating and she drinks very little. She urinates but has not defecated at all. She doesn't pur or meow which is very strange for her. She is not heaving, or making any noises at all, except for what I would call a "sigh" from time to time.

We have not changed her food, she is an indoor cat that has never been outside. We only have one other cat, also an indoor only cat, who is fine.

She has only vomited once and there is no sign of diarrhea.
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The earliest we could get an appointment was late next week. She ate a little last night and perked up a small amount. She held it down just fine. Still no stool to be found in her box.

I think we are just going to "show up" at the animal hospital tomorrow morning. To heck with their "appointments"!

My mother had suggested she might be constipated or have a blockage. She said to dab a small amount of petroleum jelly on her paw so she would lick it off. Would that help??
just got back from the vet

It took 3 hours to get worked in.

Here's what we "know"....
She is very anemic. Her red blood cell count is at 15%, it should be between 35-40%

She is not moving around because of the anemia, she's too weak. The vet also said she was the first and only cat he has never had to sedate, or restrain, to draw blood from, she just laid there.

She has no fever, no identifiable trauma.

The vet thinks it's lymphatic cancer. We won't know for sure until the tests come back from Dallas. That could take a week or more.

We are going to attempt force feeding with kitten formula.
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She is getting antibiotics "just in case". The vet said that if the infection was bad enough, she would have no fever. The next 24-48 hours are super critical.

If anybody has any suggestions at all, no matter how trivial, let me know. I am willing to entertain anything at this point!
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