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Hi! I just got a 3 month old Ragdoll kitten. He is an adorable ball of fluff and I really am attached to him now. We have had him for a little more than a week. 4 days after we brought him home I took him to the vet to get his first vaccines and when we came back he peed on my lap when I was sitting on the couch. I thought maybe he was just stressed out from the vet appointment or something. So I cleaned the pee with a product for pet urine removal and washed the cushion.
I thought it was over and done with but the next morning my boyfriend woke up and Jinxy had peed on the bed!!! He headed downstairs to sleep on the couch but Jinxy had also peed on another cushion?
So we washed all three couch cushions just in case and washed the whole bedding set. I also bought a spray at Petsmart that is supposed to take away the smell not only from our noses but from his!! I also bought two more huge litter boxes and a litter genie just in case that not having his own litter box was the problem... But no! He has peed on my bed every day now... Including this morning?
My boyfriend is about to get rid of him but I just can't do that!! I called the vet to see if maybe it was a medical problem but he doesn't seem to think so.
PLEASE HELP ME! I can't keep cleaning my sheets and blankets every single day!!
I also have 2 female cats that have never done this and they get along well with the little one.
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