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They're cats...... they sit around whether they are inside or outside.
So right!

Guy, my outside friend, loves to sit around if I'm working outside. He doesn't want inside even thought there are coyotes, raccoons and possibly a threat from raptors outside.

I know the sort of thing you're feeling. How can you know when a cat is satisfied with its life?

There's Missy over there sleping in her bed on the couch. I'm not sure what she'd prefer to be doing. Probably eating if I put human food (chicken) out for her. She comes to me and meows. I do all that I can think of for her. It's no good. Then she shrugs (that's what it feels like), and it's off to the window to check for birds. Or off to one of her sleeping spots.

Have you considered getting them an iPad. :razz:
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