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polydactyl ?

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I picked up a new foster cat today. He does NOT have "extra" toes, but has what looks like opposable thumbs. His front paws look like he is wearing a pair of mittens.
Would you still call this polydactyl, even though the number of toes is correct? Or would this condition have another name?

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ok so your foster has the normal number of toes. 5 (4 regular and a dewclaw) on front, 4 on back right? the dewclaw lower on the front? got pics?
Yes, normal numbers, dewclaw is low and looks like a mitten. will try to get a pic.
not the best picture, but you can see it clearly on his right paw here. both front paws look like this ( but still only 5 toes)

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I do not know of any medical term used for it, but I do know that cats do use their dewclaws to help hold down prey. The few cats I had that had lower then normal dewclaws were very adept at opening doors too.

Maybe someone else here knows if it has a name. I always just called them mitts..

Pretty cat BTW. very regal looking.
Thanks. I didn't think he should be called a poly because he doesn't have "extra" toes, just odd chaped dewclaws.
when I searched for cats with "mittens" everything that came up was for polys

He needs a name and I was thinking Mittens because he looks like he's wearing mittens on his front paws.
Just discovered he is a poly after all- he has a small dewclaw on his right hind paw!
looked like there was some form of poly there, the genetics for this can do some strange things..just let people know that polies are "lucky" cats another reason for adopting such a nice looking cat.. call him hemingway to point this out,
Yes, I will try to play this up on his listing. Especially since we are in Michigan- how many other cats have feet shaped like the state they live in? ! :wink :razz:
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