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Hi everyone, a newbie here.

My moggie Victor is 15 months old and has suddenly decided to poo in the house.

For the first 6 months of his life we kept him indoors and he was a star at using his little tray. Slowly we introduced him to the outside world and soon he did his business elsewhere – which was great!

However over the past month he’s been pooing on the carpet. Sometimes in the night, sometimes through the day. At first we thought he was trying to mark his territory as another cat has mastered (I don’t know how) our magnetic catflap.
But now we’re not sure as the other cat hasn’t been around for a while and still the smelly problem occurs.

Some facts if I may! Firstly he seems to go anywhere, not a certain place in the house. Secondly his poo is very runny, possibly even diarrhoea runny. After he’s done his work he’s usually very irate/hyper and runs around spreading accidentally his brown mess with him.
We’ve changed his diet from normal cat food to organic catfood giving him now mainly dry stuff instead of wet. Could this have a bearing? We honestly thought we were doing the right thing for him by changing.

Any help would be brilliant. Thanks.


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Stuart - actually dry food is more prone to causing loose stools than wet. But before you conclude it's an environmental or behavioral issue, you should take him to the vet and make sure it's not a health issue.

If the vet clears him on all health issues, then I think your main problem is the strange cat that got in the cat flap. Even though you haven't seen him around, his scent lingers. Your cat might still be reacting to the scent of a strange cat in the house. Every single soiled spot needs to be cleaned with an enzymatic cat cleaner, following the instructions religiously. Else the smell can still be there long after the fact, even after you can't smell it any more.

Also, you should have two litter boxes.

Good luck!! :)
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