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SO i was at work and my dad didn't see the cat out in the yard so he let his GSD out. And apparently wherever Cinder grew up in his shot life was with dogs who were very cat friendly because every time we have a dog out, he comes running out to greet them. :?

So Rock the german shepherd ran him up a tree. We are working with the german shepherds to get them a bit more cat friendly but its hard because where we use to live there were cats who would sit in from of their pens and tease the dogs.

But Rock didn't hurt him. When I got home, I asked where the cat was and was told about the chase. I went out side to call Cinder and heard him meowing up in a tree.

I told him that if he wanted to eat he would have to come down to me. Which he promptly came down the tree to me.(Thats a big rule for me, now that he is use to the house and me and has made himself at home that he has to come to me to eat).

When he sat down to eat i noticed his was missing a big patch of fur under his neck , a little off to the side not in the center.

I grabbed him by the scruff and lifted him up to get a better look at it. And I gotta say I was surprised Cinder but up no protest to the scruffing and picking up and inspection of the area. (What a good kitty)

Now he came to us about two weeks ago with bald spots all over him. It looks like he got attacked. Im thinking this is just another boo boo and that the hair just fell out around it...:( But he was a good boy and let me clean the area and put some medication on the area.I cant wait for my payday so I can bring this guy n to the vet office and get everything checked out.
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