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I have recently recieved into my care one of my mothers cats. It's a long story, but the short version is that my sister moved out for a while, got a cat, and then had to move home.

Molly, my mother's cat is one of those cats that are bullies. My mother's other cat Merlin, is like my Gizmo and remains unfazed by Molly's attacks, and eventually she grew bored of it and became friends with Merlin. My sisters cat however is a timid sweet little thing, and Molly terrorised her so much over the last few weeks that she would find a hiding spot and stay there. Molly wouldn't even let her use the litterbox, blocking the way to where it is, which resulted in Whiskey becoming desperate and little accidents would be left in wherever she happened to be hiding. They decided the thing to do would be to find Molly a new home, with no other cats for her to terrorise.

Now, I didn't particularly want her, being as how she isn't affectionate or even friendly, but out of sympathy for Whiskey I offered to take on Molly until finding her a suitable home. And so as of 6pm last night, Molly is here with me.

She is terrified! She has never in her life been in another house. The poor cat zipped downstairs and hid until morning. Even though she is now upstairs it isn't much of an improvement since she is still terrified, and refuses to come out from under the couches. She growls like a banshee anytime Gizmo comes up to say hello (or poke his nose under the couch) but he is unfazed, only seeming to wonder WHY she is hiding and growling at him when he is being nice and just wants to make friends.

She wont leave her hiding place, she is too scared to walk around, I can't even entice her to eat something.

Please I need some ideas to get her to feel more comfortable around the house, she's going to be here a couple of weeks for sure, so how can I get her to not be hiding under the couch scared?
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