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Post neutering help

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Hey guys, I’m not sure if I’m paranoid or what. My cat got neutered yesterday afternoon, and today I took off his cone for 2 seconds and he went crazy on his incision site:/ I can’t tell if he messed himself up bad or not. I’m attaching a pic (sorry if it’s gross) if anyone can tell me if this looks normal or not that would be sooo helpful. I have a vet appointment on Friday (it’s Saturday rn) to make sure everything is ok.
he’s eating and drinking normally, and using the restroom at this point. Just worried lol.

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Just seeing this now.

It looks a little inflamed to me. If it isn't better, why don't you call your vet and ask for an email address. Then email the photo and ask them to show it to the vet who did the neutering.
It looks way better… still going to the vet on Friday to make sure. He’s acting normal and it’s not red/inflamed anymore. Thanks for the reply!
Alight I’m back again:( this morning he managed to get out of his cone… I figured he hasn’t been out of it this whole week, I’ll let him groom himself and chill for a second without the cone on. He didn’t lick his incision for an hour or two… but when he got to it, it was over. I was freaking out bc he was biting so I put the collar back on very quickly and checked him. He’s totally bleeding now, and it’s not looking good at all.
I have a vet appointment at 1:30 today (it’s 9am) But I am losing my mind waiting. I called to ask if I can come in earlier and they said no:/
Hoping someone sees this before I go in.. I know it looks bad but If anyone has any advice or input, once again, I’d appreciate it a lot:(

nervous cat mom

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Just seeing this now. Hope your boy is doing okay!
He’s doing great thank you!!
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