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Hello all!

I am curious to see if anyone else has had the same problem as I have...

My little guy Maynard 3.5 year old Himalayan had PU Surgery back on May 31 and stitches removed June 16. Per the surgeon and my regular vet everything has healed perfectly. I’ve taken him back for 3 rechecks since then and he has another follow up in two weeks.

He’s going to the bathroom regularly and playing however we have to keep his cone on because within 10 minutes of removal his back starts twitching and he goes for the area and starts chewing it causing it to bleed. The surgeon said it’s just going to take time and trial and error until the cone can be removed for good. He was just at the vet on Wednesday and he did have a mild UTI and he’s currently on baytril. He also gave him an injection of steroids that lasts 1 week. The surgeon said he has had a few cases like this in the past and it just takes “time” and sometimes the steroids help. We also did a culture of the area as he said there could be an infection underneath. I should have those results in about a week.

Has anyone else experienced this?!?! I just want my guy back to normal; He blocked 3 times in 6 months which is why the vet suggested the surgery. I even had a second opinion and both agreed it was our best option.

Thanks for any feedback!
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