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Hey all, I am the proud mother of one spoiled child and three spoiled black cats. Having three black ones wasn't intentional, I am just a sucker who fell for the sad little faces at our local shelter!!! My big boy is Voo Doo and he is a three year old, black, amber eyed mixed breed. My baby boy, Sagwa, is a two year old, black, green eyed brat whom my vet told me is mostly Siamese (despite the colouring) as he has the perfect features. The newbie is our recently adopted (from me brother) black and white, yellow eyed, horendously obese cat, Victoria. When my brother rescued her from the SPCA, one year ago, she was at the "perfect" weight for an adult of her build = 7 pounds. He loved her all the way up to a whopping 14.5 pounds. DIET!!! I am hoping to find lots of good advice and fellow cat freaks on here with you all!!! Angela
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Welcome to the Cat Forum. It's nice to have you here! :)
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