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My name is Joann and im new here. I have a cat an a kitten which i have rescued from last winter's blizzard, and have made them mine. :D

my cat has snuck out of the house a few times from people entering or leaving the house. Never been a problem though. She always waits on the window sill to be let back in.

I am assuming she is pregnant.. Her nipples are very swollen and crusty? i would say. Her stomach pretty big and i feel lumps in her belly maybe around 3 inches big. Also felt some movement. No milk.

I also feel something on her stomach , like stringy things lol veins or something. what is that? anyone know?

She became very lovable too :D

Anyone know how far along she may be?

I have noticed her big belly now for about 3 weeks.

She is only 6 months old too.. will she be ok raising these little kittys?

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