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Pregnant cat won't get out under the bed ... what to do?

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Hi there...

We've posted a couple times before about our pregnant cat here and here.

We've managed to keep her inside (which she doesn't like), and we've made a nice place for her to rest and have the kittens. Of course, we can only hope she will choose the place, but instead... since a day or so, she's been hanging out under our bed. She just won't come out. When we bring her food (hard to reach, of course :roll: ), she will eat it and all... but nothing will get her out.

Does this mean she's about to give birth... and do it under our bed!?

Hope you can give us some insights,

- Teka & Rogier
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I would try to get her out from under the bed now. There will be some mess when the kittens are born, and you won't be able to clean it up as easily as if she were in a small contained area. Moving newborn kittens isn't a good idea, and even though mother cats are wonderful kitten movers, there's always a chance that one could get hurt.

She wants a dark, warm, secluded place, and under your bed is the best she has found. If you have a box prepared in a bright spot, and you have nothing else that's dark and secluded, you might have to place her in a well padded dog cage, and put a blanket over it. I would tempt her by making sure she's hungry and putting a dish of canned cat food out for her-in a place where you can get to her.

Have the new place prepared and show it to her before she goes back under the bed. Of course you shouldn't pick her up around her abdomen, but put one hand behind her tail and one in front of her chest. Try to get her used to the new place before it's time for the birth. Keep her food closeby and show her where the litter box is.

Does she have any discharge? Has she been trying to get into cupboards or scratching up papers or soft rugs? Any signs of nesting other than hiding? Are the kittens large and kicking? Just in case, I'd get her out from under the bed now. Keep us posted, please.
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If you just rest your hand gently on her when she's on your lap or lying down beside you, you'll eventually feel movement if she's due withing two weeks.

I'm glad she came out! Scratching the wall to wall carpet isn't the same thing as shredding paper or moving clothing or rags around. My mother cat always wanted lots of attention when the time was close. Keep us informed!
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