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Pregnant cat won't get out under the bed ... what to do?

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Hi there...

We've posted a couple times before about our pregnant cat here and here.

We've managed to keep her inside (which she doesn't like), and we've made a nice place for her to rest and have the kittens. Of course, we can only hope she will choose the place, but instead... since a day or so, she's been hanging out under our bed. She just won't come out. When we bring her food (hard to reach, of course :roll: ), she will eat it and all... but nothing will get her out.

Does this mean she's about to give birth... and do it under our bed!?

Hope you can give us some insights,

- Teka & Rogier
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...and another thing!

What if she -has- the kittens under there, would it be a good place to keep them? And if not, what is the best way to move them to another place? And what other place would suffice?! @@$$

It's harder than we thought :wink:

- T&R
Dear Jeanie & AngelZoo,

About one hour after I posted this topic we laid down by the bed (again), talked to the cat (again :) ), and after 10 minutes, she came crawling towards us. We petted her, and all of a sudden she crawled out of under the bed, and jumped on top of the bed. She layed on the bed for about half an hour, and she seemed somewhat... depressed. It looked like she didn't want to do anything but lay there and hit the bedsheets with her tail. Usually when you only as much as touched her, she'd be all over you, rubbing against your legs, wanted to be cuddled... and from one day to the other, all that was gone. She still likes to be petted, but she doesn't respond like she used to.

Now, after enjoying a small meal, she's 'watching' TV on the couch, as usual. She's not even half as active compared to yesterday though.

When she got out of the bedroom we closed the door, and gave her easy access to other places in the house that would provide safety, privacy and comfort for her and her kittens, and easy access for us if needed. She's been checking some of them out, briefly.

To answer your questions, Jeanie: she doesn't have discharge (not that we've noticed so far). She has been scratching soft rugs, a little (not the scratchingpost we bought for her some days ago :roll: ). It's hard to tell if the kittens are big and kicking, though. She doesn't like us putting our hands on her belly for purposes other than stroking, so telling if the kittens are kicking is a bit tough.

I sure hope it's coming to an end, though... can't wait to see a proud happy mother with cute little kittens crawling around...

We'll keep you informed!
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