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pregnant stray

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My boyfriend posted before that we found a stray cat which turned out to be pregnant. She is the sweetest cat ever. Orange and fluffy. Well we are trying to get her used to being inside. Luckly she knows how to use the litter box so I think she was an inside cat before. The problem we are having is that she doesnt like to be inside. We normally coax her in by calling her and she comes inside, yet in the morning she wants to be let outside, she lets us know by meowing at the door and if we open it she darts towards it. I am scared that she has found a place to have the kittens and wants to have them in our yard. I really dont think that is the best thing for her just for the fact i have seen some neighbors with kittens they let be born outside and they seem sickly with eye sickness and really dirty ear problems.

so should we ignore the fact that she wants to go outside or should we let her out each morning?
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Thank you for the input. We decided to keep her in the house, which we wanted to do to begin with but we wanted her to be more happy about it. I appreciate the feed back. Atleast we have a better idea of how we should handle this.

Oh and as soon as she has the kittens we will post pictures!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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