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I'm so glad I found this forum! Hopefully you all can help me think of some things I need to do before I bring my kitties home.

I've had cats before, but never on my own, always with my parents. My boyfriend and I will be adopting two shelter kittens sometime in the next two weeks. We are hoping for brother and sister, but of course will pick whichever we fall in love with.

Before they come home we will thoroughly clean our apartment. I've already checked in the kitchen for spaces they can squeeze in, and placed molding under the stove and dishwasher. I have two plants, but I have absolutely no idea what they are, so I don't know if they are poisonous. Does anyone know of a list that has pictures, not just names of plants?

I plan on getting their littler box in the next couple of days so that I can wash it and get rid of some of the plastic smell. I plan on using a non-clay clumping litter, like Swheat or maybe one of the newspaper types. I will be feeding them Nutro Natural--it's what my cats at home grew up on and they were healthy babies. I will be brushing their teeth from the start and grooming them too. I thought I would get a few toys at first, to see what they like. I'm thinking a cat dancer, some balls, and something interactive (any ideas?) I will also get them a scratching post.

For the first week or so they will be alone from 9-5, and sporadically during the day after that. I plan on keeping them in an extra bedroom that has no furniture, so they will have lots of space, just them, their food, toys and box.

What about choosing a vet? I will have two months of insurance from the shelter. I don’t know anyone in Manhattan with a cat, so recs aren’t a possibility.

Thanks in advance for all of your help! I know I'll need it. :D

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Congratulations! My boyfriend and I just got our first little kitten, he's a 10 week old Siamese. Here is what we have found we have to watch out for (we have only had him since Saturday and he's WILD already! But SUCH a sweetie!).

Wires....they love to play with them....well mine does anyway. Make sure any telephone wires or lamp wires are either hidden or covered with something cat durable. My little guy has just discovered them and we really gotta watch him.

If they accidentally pee in a spot other than the litterbox (like the carpet or a blanket) make sure you clean it THOROUGHLY with a solution that contains enzymes. Enzymes remove the pee smell that only a cat can smell....even though you might clean it and not be able to smell it, your cat probably will and will think that that is an ok place to pee. My kitty was peeing on our bed and we have to do a thorough clean of our mattress before we let the little monster back in the bedroom!

If there is a window in that room, make sure it's closed and secure, for sure at night and when you aren't home.

I'm sure there are a lot of other things that other people here will tell you but those are the 3 things we have had to watch. My kitten always sits up in the window ledge, and even though it's closed and locked I am still paranoid he will find a way out!

Good luck with your kitties and let us know how it goes! By the way, great idea getting two especially if you guys will be out at work a lot!
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