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Good day to all I am writing to you from Ukraine. My Abyssinian cat is named Butch. (Butch, I don't know how to translate his name correctly)
The problem is in the diet: in the stool there are blood emissions and we cannot properly select food and get rid of them.
Now in order: The cat reluctantly eats dry food Hills with tuna, this dry food that he eats became the only diarrhea after 1-2 months. We stabilize this situation with Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Medicated Food. Then everything repeats ....
Considering that we want to feed him good food, as this is observed for health and so on / we also tried: dry Acana and Orijen (diarrhea begins with blood), Brit (do not eat it at all and I don’t like the food) test of wildlife (diarrhea and blood)
We are currently feeding him wet food Shesir chicken and tuna + dry Hills He goes to the toilet once every 2 days. At the back, we were told that most often he was allergic to some component of the feed ... it is difficult to determine this and you need to pass a lot of tests.

Tell me, did you have a problem with the selection of food?
What kind of food can you recommend?

Thank you all in advance!
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