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Here at HP whenever someone with a garden has any excess they bring it to work and leave it out for others to take.

Last night I scored some really lovely cherry tomatoes - I had a bruschetta pasta dish. The tomatoes, garlic, generous amounts of grated parm, and topped it with crisp prosciutto. It was so fresh and DELICIOUS!

Today I scored about 12 prune plumes (the small Italian plums), a big zucchini, a lb of green beans, and 2 patty pan squash. The zucchini and green beans are going to be dinner. I'll make tempura out of them I think. I'm tired of my regular zucchini and green bean recipes.

The plums I'm good for just noshing on straight. They are WONDERFUL, but if someone has a fantastic recipe I'd love to hear it.

However I've NEVER eaten a patty pan. What on earth do I do with them? I"m not a big squash lover..... but I wanted to try something new. I wouldn't enjoy roasting them, I don't care for the flavor of squash... and they can't be stuffed with any kind of meat or fish (I only get meat one night a week and I want it to be STEAK or ROAST BEEF).

Any ideas?
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