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I hope this post doesn't make me wildly unpopular.

Agrae: at this point, please don't get a cat. Here's why:

I got Sabby when I was 11 years old. My dad didn't want me to have a cat at all. The reason I got him was because my neighbors shot and killed my cat, Whiskers. Whiskers was a farm cat we brought with us from the city from our house in the country. He was strictly an outdoor cat. My dad wouldn't allow him to be indoors. When I first got Sabby, he also wasn't allowed to be indoors and my parents insisted I keep him in the garage. However, Sabby got his voice from his Siamese mother and it really pierces the air when he gets going. The only way to keep him calm was to keep him indoors. So we had an indoor cat and my dad always resented it. If your parents are anything like mine, then they'll hold that cat over your head constantly and you will live in constant fear of them getting rid of him. Worse, when you go to college or leave home to do whatever it is you'll do with your adult life, you'll need to bring your cat along with you. It won't have a home with your parents. Keeping Sabby was the single most difficult thing I have ever done. Finding an apartment that I could afford and that would allow me to keep him was near impossible. Now I have a senior, diabetic cat on my hands and I can barely afford the vet bills.

I love my cat. But he's a lot of trouble and my life would have been a lot easier if I hadn't had him.

Cats are wonderful pets and I highly encourage people to get one, but only if the situation is right.

Please don't hate me.
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