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Who knew I'd ever care so much about poop! I think Leelu's been dealing with a bit of chronic constipation. She goes every other day and doesn't strain or cry out but they're a bit nuggety shaped and darker. She's had some danglers too and with a carpet that's no fun. I figured she just needs to get used to the raw food, but it's been a few months now.
This week I did give her 1/8 tsp of Miralax a day and that works like a charm, poops every 24h and it looks like it should. I don't want her on that longterm though, so I've been looking into adding fiber and decreasing bone.
Does anyone know what the minimum of bone to meat ratio should be?
I used to add a bit of canned pumpkin to wet food but most recipes only mention psyllium husks
or guar gum for added fiber. Tanya's website makes it sound like pumpkin is the safer option, so I'd like to give that a shot first, but thought I'd check with all you knowledgable folks first. Thx!

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