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Puss in Boots with Anthonio Benderas

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I just watched and it was so cute and funny. I recommend it to cat lovers.

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I saw that when it first came out. It was very cute!
I just bought it in 3D and am VERY eager to see it, especially since I'm now getting more into cats. :)
They took us from work to an event for children with that movie, and they offered a movie for adults without kids. My co-workers were surprised when I declined the movie for grown-ups and joined the kids to see this movie!
I would say it's an ok movie, but nothing comparable to Shriek 1 & 2. The storyline is too plain and predictable and not as funny. Puss was VERY cute when he was a kitten, but not so much after he grew up...

PS: there is a short anime called Puss in Boots with 3 devils, or something like that. That one is cuteness overload! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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