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Hi there, i have read quite a bit about catnip. Its supposed to be completly safe. There are only two negative things i read, in my quest for cat-nip-knowledge.

1. if they eat to much of it, they will throw up, but otherwise be OK
2. SOME cats can actually have an aggressive reaction from it....though i have never personaly seen that, or known anyone who has..just what i read.

i also read that most kittens are uneffected by it, which i can attest to. I have two kitten a little over 4 months old, and they will both sniff it a little bit, then loose interest. there is a pouch of cat-nip on the living room floor right now, and they pretty much completley ignore it.

also, the statistics are something like roughly 70% of cats are effected by cat-nip. so its possible to have a cat that is never effected by it.
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