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I am by no means an expert (calling Auntie Crazy!), but I've been feeding raw for almost six months. So here is my 2 cents worth
I'd start out with gizzards versus chicken neck. Gizzards are very tough to chew but chicken necks are even a little tougher. If you have access to quail, cornish hen or rabbit, try the bones from these animals; they are smaller. AND, if the bones have meat on them, the cats will be more likely to eat them.
Only if I cut gizzards into small pieces will Ritz eat them; on the other hand, she chews bones from quail/cornish hen/rabbit with no problem and a lot of delight.
And, yes, you can use the gizzards you buy at the supermarket.
Ritz had gingivitus a year ago, had to have a dental cleaning when she was just two years old. Two months ago she went in for a Wellness Check, and her vet said her teeth were fine, no signs of gingivitus.
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