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I've taken in two male littermates who were born on my office compound (in Pakistan). I waited until they were weaned to take them home, which was about 4 weeks ago (they're between 3-4 months old now).

While both play with me and sleep with me, they are frightened of anyone else. The cat community at my work compound isn't feral; there are five of them (including the mother of the two I've taken in), and all are comfortable around people.

I had a vet come to the house 3 days ago to begin vaccinations. One of the two cats howled and was unhappy, but I was able to hold him and the vet could administer the vaccination. The other went wild, attacking me with his teeth and claws so much that I couldn't hold him at all. This was the first time and only he's bitten or scratched me, though I've noticed over the past month that he's less social than his brother. The vet here told me that I couldn't "help" this cat, and that I should consider getting rid of him.

I don't agree with this, and I'm looking for advice on how to better socialize him (I live alone, so there aren't others in the house during the day), and how to handle him or calm him enough so that he can be vaccinated.

I would also like the two to be more comfortable around other people...

Many thanks, Jennifer
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