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Questions about those calming collars?

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I finally decided to buy one for Apollo at my latest visit to the pet store when I refilled his food. They had the plug-ins and some other stuff, but I figured I'd try the collar first. The guy that worked there was talking about his cat and how he flips out every time he tries to put a collar on him. That reminded me of the horror show the first time I ever put a collar on Apollo.. I stood there for a good 5 minutes debating on whether or not it'd be worth the $15.

Finally I was like, what the hey, maybe if I give him enough treats while I put the collar on him, he'll be fine.

So Apollo was positively fascinated by the collar as soon as I took it out of the box. He kept sniffing at it and rolling around on the floor. (Those things are messy, I read that there's some loose powder when you first take them out of the bag, but I had no idea there would be SO MUCH of it.)

Got it on him without a problem. It's only been 2 days now, but I'm wondering if what I'm seeing in Apollo is just coincidence or if it's the effects of the collar? I mean it should take more than 2 days right?

First of all I wanted to know if anyone here has used these products and if they've worked for you. Are they supposed to make your cat kind of itchy? I noticed he's been scratching at his neck a little more than usual, but not to the point of where I'm concerned about it. He has no sores or any kind of visible reaction. I almost wonder if his fleas are back and maybe they're hiding out under his collar now.

Also, it's fine if I leave it on him for a whole month right? I mean I'm that desperate to have some kind of change in his behavior, lol.

I don't know anything about these "calming" products, but I know a LOT of people here have talked about them and suggested them for Apollo in general. Thanks, lol.
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Before my fiance and I got Peanut, we got a calming collar for Chinchilla because she was displaying a lot of stress and anxiety. The collar did chill her out a bit and lessened her stress. I don't recall her itching though. He could be having a reaction, or it could be fleas. The only advice I could give you is to monitor the area he is itching for a rash or flea dirt.
Calming collar didn't work for my fosters. I would be concerned if he is starting to have a reaction to the area of the collar. If I remember correctly when I bought the calming collars it wasn't a Hartz product. But if yours is, proceed immediately to the trash. Hartz products have a history of harming animals. they are involved in several lawsuit now because of their inferior products.

I've had more success with Composure calming treats from Vetri Science or Feliway dispensers or spray.
But if yours is, proceed immediately to the trash. Hartz products have a history of harming animals.
one of the things I didn't know eons ago. and there was no internet to research it either. my Poor Jack has not grown fur in a strip around his neck in 16 years. poor baby. And he only had a flea collar on for an hour...:sad
If it's the collars 'm thinking of then it's not a Hartz product. It comes in a purple box that says "Calming Collar" or something like that, green with white powerd, right?

If it's the one I'm thinking about it works on 3/4 in 3 out of my 4 cats. I figured out that it does help them generally settle down, it calms nerves and anxiety a bit. If the cat is already super scared (ie a foster in a strange place with everything totally new) it likely won't even take the edge off. For a cat who is comfortable in their home it will work.

...If you cat is determined to be a jerk (ie aggressive and hates another of your cats *cough* Jitzu *cough*) then it won't help.

But I did like it. I had meant to use it on Jitzu, to help her settle down and leave Torri alone...but it didn't work. I took it off her and tried it on Doran, then Muffin, Then Torri. Each cat wore it for a week and it helped. Except Jitzu. She just hates Torri *sigh*.
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