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Hello Everyone!

To all Ragdoll owners and lovers out there, I ust want to know what to expect with a Ragdoll Kitten. I'm might be getting one on Sunday
so ive just posted this thread incase.:wink

Are they big cuddlers? I know they go limp in your arms when you pick them up but do they sleep with you?

Any info form anyone?? It would help me alot:)

Hope I get one! It's just a matter of convincing Mum and Dad:p
Dad doesn't want a third kitty but Mum does. So last night during dinner-time, Dad said we will go to the petshop first and see the Ragdoll kittens(it's in a big shopping centre in Melbourne), and we'll go there when we go home to get something that you have wanted for along time. Well that got me RAGDOLL CRAZY!! LOL!:kittyturn
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