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I adopted my 3 year old tabby, Lili, in August of last year.
I feel we've really bonded. She follows me from room to room and is a big purr baby. Shes been a great cat and we're very compatible, however, the only issue is her random biting.

Sometimes they're soft bites like cat kisses. Other times it's a hard bite. On Monday she actually broke my skin. I was petting her, she was purring, and then she bit my arm..hard. Thankfully the two marks are heling without problem.

On Saturday she was sitting in my lap, while I was on the computer. I reached out for my mouse, in front of her, and she bit hard in the air.

Is this something she'll grow out of the longer we're together?
When I adopted her she was missing some teeth; so I don't know if that has anything to do with her misjudging the effect of her cat kisses. I don't like the thought of my cat wanting to eat me LOL


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