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Rasslin Robin!

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Robin has taken to playfully attacking me when I'm in bed. He'll try to pull the blanket off, bite my feet and claw my hands. Now when he was just a tyke,it was no problem,it was even sort of amusing. At a year old, he's much bigger,and has S-H-A-R-P claws. Last night when he scratched the pad of my finger (YEOW) I got up irate,told him 'NO',and shooed him away from the bed. Then he was like 'why don't you want to play with me?' Daddy needs his sack time!
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When my cats are doing something I don't want them to do I usually say a firm no and clap my hands and the sound startles them and they run off. My mom has 3 cats and every year when they put up their christmas tree they all love to try and climb it and have even knocked the whole thing over once or twice. She got a spray bottle and filled it with water and keeps it by her and when one starts to climb she will spray them with it and they jump off and run away. If it got too bad where it is non stop and you can't sleep maybe you could close the door and keep him out that way.
The best thing you can do is play with him before bed time and make him tired. So, when you go to bed, he will also feel like going to bed as well. Being a cat, he is wide awake and ready for play when you want to sleep. Playing with him and making him tired will help. I also feed my second wet food meal right at bed time. No cat will play on a full tummy. If you don't want to give him a meal, just give a few treats after the pay session.
A new development-a GOOD one! Last night before I lay down,we tossed the ball around,then as he was about to attack,he stopped in his tracks, and looked questioningly at me. I gently shook my head,and he sat down. Then slowly,hesitantly he climbed on the bed and made as if to snuggle/rassle. AGAIN, HE LOOKED AT ME. I nodded,we snuggle/rassled,and then he hopped off. WOW. Like his namesake,he's full of surprises! @[email protected]
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