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i have a few questions about raw feeding, and i have posted them elsewhere but just wondering what everyone's thoughts are here.
basically i just want to reconfirm everything as it has been a while since i have looked into this.

at the moment i am feeding him on raw meats, organs and heart with vets all natural. but i feel that it doesnt give me as much control as i would like and to be completely honest i hate the smell of it and the idea of paying $15 for a kilo of oats and barley.

these are the basics that i remember, please correct me if i am wrong and let me know anything that ive left out.

- calcium to phosphorus ratio is extremely important, aim is 1.2:1 to 1.3:1 ideally. higher calcium will not hurt. (anyone know recommended mg for calcium a day? curious)

- vitamin d3 may be necessary? requirement is 10iu per kg of body weight per day

- without feeding bone, calcium supplement MUST be added.

- taurine supplement should be added just to be safe, excess taurine is excreted from cat's body and not harmful.

- ideally diet should be 80/10/10

- liver must be 5% to provide sufficient vit A. providing more that 5% can lead to vitamin A excess which can cause health problems.

- heart is considered muscle meat and not an organ.

- heart is high in taurine therefore it is ideal to provide 5-10% heart in diet

- kangaroo must be frozen before feeding due to parasites

- diet should include around 5% roughage (oats, barley, whole wheat, above ground veg - to stimulate prey's stomach contents)

i am looking to start Leo on the following -
75% meats (including chicken, kangaroo, turkey, lamb, pork)
10% hearts (chicken and beef)
5% chicken liver
5% kideny
5% roughage

i will be feeding chunks, not ground, not whole.
i will be feeding a chicken wings or necks every other day for teeth, but i feel the dangers of providing bone outweigh the benifits when i can supplement with calcium in place of the bone. also i have tried him on bone and it doesnt appeal to him. he does chew it and enjoy the marrow but he refuses to eat the whole thing. plus i do not own a grinder and live in a share house, so grinding bones would be pretty difficu;t

supplements included will be taurine, calcium at the least

let me know what you all think :)

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Hello again, ShannonRenee! Welcome to Cat Forum!!!! http://www.**********.com/forums/images/smilies/wavey.gif

Here are my thoughts:

First and foremost, no roughage is required or desired in the diet of an obligate carnivore. None. http://www.**********.com/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif

Secondly, raw bone-in meals aren't any more dangerous than any other meal; dangers only pop up when folks try to feed cooked bones, as cooking them turns them from flexible and easy to break into sharp, splintery objects just waiting to perforate an abdomen. And no need to grind the bones - half their benefit (dental and psychological) comes from the work the cat does when breaking them down.

Also, feeding "chicken wings or necks every other day for teeth" IS feeding bone-in meals - and more often than I feed them to my cats. :wink

If I were you, I'd forget about chicken necks (even after several years eating raw, my cats have a hard time cracking through chicken necks; for the life of me, I don't know why they keep popping up as "good choices" for first timer cats - they totally aren't!) and offer chicken and Cornish hen wings and ribs instead - but not until the cat is comfortable breaking down large, tough chunks of meat like beef and especially gizzards.

As long as you're feeding enough bone-in meals to keep your cat's stools nice and firm, I wouldn't worry about the calcium to phosphorus ratio. Nor would I try to determine what amount of your cat's diet has Vitamin D or aim specifically for "5-10% heart" (although I think 10% heart is perfectly fine to feed; my cat's weekly diet includes about 14% heart).

Other than these few points, I think you're spot on and ready to rumble! http://www.**********.com/forums/images/smilies/clap.gif


(And, yes, much of this was a direct copy/paste, but I can totally plagiarize myself! LOL!)

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Funnily enough, my cats both LOVED chicken necks--Wicket, who had refused to chew down a chicken wing, eats them no problem! I think it just depends on the individual cat. This was within a week or two of starting raw--so the necks might work for you...or I might have really weird cats? :D
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