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I was researching my Powder's luxating patellas, and found some questions from people who hadn't had the experience. Wanted to post & let them know that he's now 11 years old and does very well; boss of the house, even. when my hubby & I met he had 4 & I had 4; the feline Bradys; including a set of rhyming spitting image twins - ODIE was mine, GODI was his. Sadly, the Original Eight are no longer with us. Currently there are 7 of 'them' and 2 of 'us' (my hubby & I). POWDER, SALEM, WOOKIE- litter mates. We got them after losing the first three of the Originals inside of a year, the house was empty believe it or not, and very depressed.

POWDER: all white, short hair; rules the roost and is mommy's boy.

SALEM: 97% black with very discrete white spots, shorthair very soft spoken and shy till the mood hits her; oh and I think Harry Potter & Supernatural scare her - she really avoids the TV (really i think its the HD & surround system)

WOOKIE: all black, long hair, gorgeous, the house beauty, but seriously nearsighted or just a plain clutz, and runs into various obstacles and walls in the excitement of any particular moment. They are the oldest at 11.

SUKI,10, is half Himalayan, grey & white, diabetic; she chose to leave her original home and come live with us - literally we tried to return her several times & finally just kept her; her other home, we found out, had dogs that ate kittens, people on drugs, etc. in fact we discovered the first time she was groomed, there were 3 scars on her back and looked like a fourth canine tooth would have landed right in her eye, which is why she only has one.

KOTA, 5, will always be the baby, tortoise shell, Daddy's girl all the way, took her from a 'hoedown' - like a block party - at about 5 weeks old because I just couldn't stand to watch as the woman carried her around all the drunks & loud music anymore; poor little thing was petrified; too young to leave momma, but she's turned out just fine; she's Powder's second-in-command, the muscle, he did raise her, after all.

BUMPUS, 5, (sigh) Bumpus - is exactly as his name sounds: the PITA little brother; the house fool, but really smart, he came to us when Boomer (see below) was MIA again, looks a lot like an actual wild cat - brown tabby, was semi-feral, a biter to the point where I sacrificed 2 oven mitts and then made him his own from layers of denim, he's the clown and free spirit.

BOOMER very large grey & white short hair, took 3 years to convince him I wasn't going to hurt him, he was scared to death of people; he'd disappear for weeks so that i'd write him off to a meal for a coyote or an eagle or something, but he'd always come back like a BOOMER-ang, we very lovingly call him the **, because of just how sweet & loving he is and how much he is a momma's boy; we are in awe of some of the scars on his back, and how long he was out in the wild alone i don't think he was always out there, someone left him out there because of his human fear; but he is quite social now, loves his family - and the near constant supply of food - he's quite fat now, over 20 lbs easy, we're working on that. And that's "clowder" is in fact a word that essentially means ' a herd of cat'.:cat
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