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I don't know if you remember me posting about Orion's eye, but when I took him to the vet he discovered mites, and said that orion probably just scratched his eye while trying to scratch his ears. He gave me ointment to put in his eye and they flushed out the mites.

His eye isn't getting better so I'm going to have to get back to the vet when I can rake together the $.

Aside from that though, Orion seems to have twice the amount of skin he needs! It's amazingly loose. I can't think of any reason for it, as he hasn't lost any weight, and he eats a lot, so why all this extra skin? On his sides I can literally grab all the extra skin, that's how loose it is. Is this a health problem, or is it just that his skin grew faster then the rest of him could keep up?

Any ideas are hugely appreciated :)
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