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It’s been awhile since I was here.
We lost our Himalayan, Lucy, to kidney failure last November and a couple of weeks later our daughter took her cat, Silas, to live with her and her new husband.
We swore, no more inside pets!

Obviously that didn’t last—on September 9 we brought two kittens home from the local humane society. We are fostering to adopt.

one is a black male, Toby; the other a female tabby, Annie. Toby is a bit bigger than Annie, they said he’s four months and she’s three—though we took her back for her spay this week and they said no, she’s more like four month. If she’s four months, I think he’s more like six, as he looks about half grown to me and is twice her size!

anyway, happy to be back and I will have some questions….
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