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Relocating a 9 year old 'shy' cat

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My wife and I were recently contacted by someone in a senior living facility who got busted for having two cats, when only one is allowed. Lucy is around 9, and has been his since weaning. He said she is shy.

I brought her home on a Saturday night, and got sick on Sunday. We let her roam the bathroom, but she never moved. I had to remove the top of the carrier to touch her. She doesn't seem upset at all, just too scared to do anything. I let her roam the bedroom Sunday, but at some point during the night, the door was left open. She has roam of the house, and has hidden again. I found her once, but I then she moved and we couldn't find her for a day. We have three other cats, also girls, one 7 and two 3 and they don't seem to be paying her any attention.

We do go around the house calling her name. The litter box is in the bathroom she was in, and I am sure she knows there are other cats from the litter. We have placed food near her when we have found her hiding places, in the bedroom and the house, but the amount in the dish doesn't seem to dissipate.

This last time I had to scruff her to get her out, but there wasn't much to grab and she ripped my hand up pretty good. I didn't strike back, and ultimately let her go again. But I found her again, and put some food and water near her.

Our other girls kind of look at me wondering, 'What's wrong with the new kid? How come she doesn't come out of hiding and say hello?', and then go on their way.

Any suggestions on coaxing her out, or getting her to eat or drink?


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When I got one of my cats a couple of years ago I had the same problem. I think it comes from just being in a brand new environment with new people and even new animals around. I could imagine if she lived all of her life for 9 years in one place and now is somewhere brand new she is probably freaking out.

What I did with my cat was gave him time and would find his hiding spot sit a few feet from him and just offer some food/treats and talk softly to him. It took close to a week but he finally came around and started exploring and learned that we weren't a threat to him. I would let her come out on her own terms because if you try to force her she is going to attack like she did before and she will see you as being a negative experience and not a positive one.
Don't manhandle the cat. Just try and locate her once a day to make sure she is OK. Keep food and water near her hiding place and let her adjust at her own pace. If you are not finding cat messes around, then she is finding the litter pan and you can bet when the house is quiet at night she is exploring the new territory and scoping out new hiding places. Let her determine when she shows herself in public.
Thanx for the tips. The only reason I went in to scruff her was I was afraid she would be able to fit back out. When I had ferrets, THEY barely fit back there. Like I say, we both walk around the house calling her and making nicknames. Patty will go into the room she thinks she's in and sing lullabies. I'll let things be and look for her tomorrow night. Hope fully she'll be where I can touch her, but not feel she's stuck. And a little food too. I don't wan to leave food too obvious, or the other girls will get to it.

And I'm sure she didn't mean to be violent.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanx for the tips.
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