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Remedies to help cat cope with ear polyps?

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Hello, my husband and I are looking for some home remedies to helping our 13 year old cat cope with ear polyps in his left ear. Taking him in to have a bulla osteotomy surgery done is simply not an option for us, we are extremely uncomfortable with that.

He is just finishing up his 10 days of antibiotics for ear infections, and we are nervous about taking his cone off. The infection seems cleared up, however the polyps still seem to be causing him to aggressively itch at his ear through his cone. In the past when we took the cone off, even on our lap for a few minutes, once he started cleaning himself, he would eventually irritate inside his ear to the point of bleeding. We make sure to trim his back claws, however even when hes just using his front paw to rub at the base of his ear, this seems to be enough to cause bleeding sometimes.

Are there any suggestions to home remedies to cause the inflammation to go down and cause him to want to itch his ear less? We really don't want to have him spend the rest of his life with a cone on when unsupervised. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
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