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I brought my 4-year-old Abyssinian in to the vet last week with diarrhea and a URI. She had always had a weak immune system, so she was on antibiotics permanently, 3 weeks on, 1 week off. She got sick after her "one week off", and the vet thought starting her back on her regular antibiotic would work fine. Three days later, she was no better, and showed signs of a urinary tract infection, too, a problem she was prone to. She was also dehydrated, and I asked to be sent home with sub-q fluids. Her antibiotic was changed, and blood was drawn for a CBC and full blood pannel. That night, she had trouble breathing, and we got her in on emergency. X-rays showed normal lungs, heart, and all other organs, so she was just given a dexamethasone drop to clear her nasal passages. The next day, Saturday, the blood test results came back and were normal except for very mild anemia and very slightly elevated kidney enzymes, but nothing to worry about, they said. But she still was not getting better and became incontinent, with both urinating and defecating. So they admitted her to the hospital yesterday. Today, her temperature was only 94 degrees, and she was not responding to the IV fluids, vitamins, and antibiotics. They called me to come in. They said they think chronic renal failure was to blame, and she was not to survive. We had to put her to sleep, as she was in pain. An autopsy will be performed.

My questions - does renal failure kill that quickly? Normal blood test on Friday, dead on Wednesday? Wouldn't kidney problems have shown on the xray, or upon palpation? Are there further measures the vets could have taken to diagnose this or prevent it? I know the dehydration from the diarrhea, along with the bacteria from the UTI, must have been very taxing on her kidneys. But could this have been the sole cause of their failure?

I'm absolutely devastated about the loss. She had been through many surgeries and illnesses in her short life, and I thought she'd get through this one, too. It was too sudden.
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