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renal failure

I'm so sorry about your loss. It's hard enough to lose any beloved cat, but when she's so young and the death so unexpected, that is truly devastating. I lost one of mine at 4-1/2, also within a few days (after weathering many prior crises), and I still grieve over his loss.

Honestly, this does not sound like *only* CRF to me, but of course I don't have all the info nor did I see the cat, so I'm really just guessing. But for a cat that ill with CRF, usually one would expect the kidney values to be very high. You did not say what the specific gravity of the urine was, but that has to be known before renal failure can be diagnosed with certainty. Dehydration alone can cause mild elevations such as you describe, although the anemia is unexplained by that scenario. However, there could have been an acute renal failure, or maybe what is called "acute-on-chronic," that was just starting to show up on Friday. However, why she would become shocky and go downhill so quickly, I don't know.

Kidney problems do not typically show up on x-rays or to palpation unless they are extreme, like a teeny shriveled up CRF kidney or a huge fluid-filled infected kidney. Bloodwork with a urinalysis (both done at the same time) are necessary to evaluate renal function, and ultrasound gives the best visual picture of their condition.

Hopefully the autopsy will give you some clearer answers. Please let us know what the results are!

Dr. Jean
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