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rescued kitten - help!

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Me and my roommate live in a college apartment complex where there are loads of wild cats in the surrounding area. Recently, at least two of the cats have had kittens, and we and others have been trying to make sure they get fed and all that.

Today my roommate was attempting to befriend one kitten in particular when it bit her. She was still able to grab the cat and keep it, which is good, because according to animal control we have to keep it for 10 days to be sure it doesn't have rabies (there's been an outbreak apparently in another part of town.).

We had been hoping to keep a kitten in any case, so it's not a big deal, but now that we have it we think it might be really sick. It was lively enough this afternoon, but this evening we gave it a bath, and ever since then it's been very sedate and almost non-responsive. We did use some flea shampoo, but we were careful to follow the instructions. Afterwards we completely dried the cat and have kept it in a warm basket.

I've bought kitten food and given it plenty of water. It has eaten and passed waste since we've had it.

I'll be honest; neither one of us know much about cats...her family's always kept one, but I don't know anymore than what I could read in a book...but I'm getting worried about how lifeless the kitten is now. It's either completely unmoving, or sometimes shivering, even though to the touch it's warm.

We also suspect that the kitten is deaf...we've noticed in the past few weeks that we've been trying to befriend it that we've been able to sneak up on it when all of the other cats hear us and run off. Earlier this month, the kitten seemed to have some sort of eye infection, but it seems to have cleared up now.

I think that's all the information I can give to approximate age, well, we've seen these kittens for about a month now, and at the first sighting they were walking around and eating the solid food that was out for the adult cats.

If anyone here could give us any suggestions we'd appreciate it. The animal control people are coming over tomorrow afternoon to inspect it. Also, it's an unfortunate reality that neither one of us has a lot of money at the moment; otherwise we would have taken it to the vet in the first place.

Thanks ahead of time,

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I have feral cats in my woods. Your cat probaby has alot of paresites inside along with fleas that are causing problems for him. It is important that you get him checked out.
If money is a problem there are organazations that can help you, especially with feral cats. Do a search on feral cats, I am going to check around and wright down some links for you. I will repost thease at a later time.
As for the hartz, you can call a vet and get frontline from them without a perscription. It does not cost very much more than hartz and is much more effective and safe. My cat slmost died from hartz flea medicine. Please click the link in my signature. Post your story there ans please tell everyone you know about hartz medicine and what it does!!!
here are some links that will help you. Your cat is wild correct? That is called a feral cat. There are alot of people who will provide assistance to you and your kitten, also the kittens and cats in the area. Here are some links..
Alley cat Alleys
Feral cats online Ferals care Links
Save Samoa

Low Cost spay nueter surgery resorces
Low cost spay nueter links
Spay USA
Freinds of animals
Feline rescue resources
Love that Cat-Low cost or free resources

Please dont forget to click the link in my signature as well.
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I am so sorry to hear about the kitten. It is so sad when something like that happens!
I also am upset that animal control will not do anything for the wild cats in your area. I had the same problem with getting help for my wild cats. I unfortunetly live in a very tiny town and dont have alot of other resources available to help me.
You said there is a couple that takes care of the cats? Do they try to get the cats spayed or nuetered? It is important with feral cats to try to get them fixed so they do not have more kittens. It is not a good life to be a wild cat, so it is very helpfull to not allow them to bring kittens into the world.
If you dont read any other links in my last post at least read this one, there is alot of info in this website about feral cats. Also if the people who take care of the cats are not getting them fixed then maybe you could give them some of thease links for getting feral cats spayed or nuetered. ,
Also if you still want a kitten try also there is a place to look for a cat right here on the pet forum
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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