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my roomie and i took chester to the vet yesterday for his rabies shot, and on our way back into the apartment complex...

i saw this pretty bengal-looking cat sitting in the ivy. i thought that was rather odd, there's only a couple outdoor cats in this complex and that surely wasn't one of them. he looked very scared. i looked up and saw the screen was ripped on the second floor window, and another similar cat had his paws and head ripped through the screen!

i walked over slowly and picked the cat up, he was shaking! he latched right on to me with no fuss. one of the outdoor cats was approaching and apparently the bengal was pondering his sanity on jumping out the window :lol: i could see which apartment the window was for so i knocked on the door. nobody answered, and it didn't look like anyone was home. i knocked a little louder and a lady came to the door (apparently she was in the shower) and the look on her face was quite priceless. i handed her the cat and told her there was another one that looked ready to jump too. right about then, her boyfriend noticed the cat in the window and nabbed him. then she came out and said thank you about a million times, and said "it figures he would be the one to jump...he's recovering from a sprained leg!" lol

our cats really like giving us heart attacks, don't they? 8O
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