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From: CHAI <[email protected]>

Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 18:08:24 -0400


Hakol Chai, the Israeli sister charity of Concern for Helping Animals in
Israel (CHAI), played a major role in rescuing dogs, cats, and farm
animals from Gaza. Now that the border to Gaza is about to be sealed,
Hakol Chai has been asked to help on the West Bank, in two settlements
still unvisited by rescuers. The large mobile clinic was assigned by the
Veterinary Services to work in Gaza first, as its 30 cages and 20 humane
traps plus veterinary staff were needed in this area, because it has far
more settlements, and far larger settlements, than the West Bank.

Hakol Chai's clinic has now traveled everywhere within the Gush Katif
region in southern Gaza, including Morag, Neve Dekalim, Shalev, Atzmona,
Netzer Hazani, Gan Or, and Rafiah Yam, and also to Kfar Darom and
Netzarim in the center of Gaza. It is the only veterinary clinic with an
experienced vet and trained staff, in addition to volunteers, working in
the territories.

Hakol Chai's work in Gaza was filmed by the Army, the footage shown on
the main TV stations in Israel. Its work was also featured on the main
radio station. Newspapers in Israel and abroad, print and online, also
carried the story, including the BBC: ... 181284.stm

For PHOTOS of the rescue effort, see:

For STORIES of the rescue effort, see:

In addition to cats and dogs, Hakol Chai's staff and volunteers found
chickens, iguanas, a cage of 40 parakeets, and in an "animal corner" for
children, turkeys, geese, and other animals. Seventeen thirsty goats
found without water were given water, and their location was reported to
the Veterinary Services. A dog was found who had been stolen five years
before, resulting in a dispute between his original guardians
(identified by a microchip), and his current ones. A tiny kitten hanging
on the edge of survival was saved by Hakol Chai's veterinarian.

Hakol Chai appealed to the Prime Minister's office for help in locating
guardians of dogs that it found bearing microchips. The microchips give
the guardian’s name, but not their address. The Prime Minister's
office has access to the location of individuals and agreed to help in
the effort.

The Israeli government has stated that it will reimburse all the
organizations who participated in the rescue for their expenses. For
this purpose, a total of approximately $33,000 was provided to the
Environment Ministry's fund to help animals, as Hakol Chai's attorneys
had originally requested be done before the rescue effort began. Each
organization will submit a list of the expenses it incurred and
reimbursements will be issued against expenses.

More than 100 volunteers from the public applied to the Veterinary
Services for permits to enter the territories to help, and the Army
provided a second briefing for new volunteers, but only a limited number
were allowed in, for security reasons. In addition to the animal
organizations, Veterinary Services representatives, together with
volunteers, also participated in the rescue effort.

CHAI/Hakol Chai needs funds to help with caring for and homing animals
rescued, where the owners have not been found. Help is also needed to
continue the vital work of the clinic once this rescue effort is over.
The clinic provides low-cost spaying and neutering from one end of
Israel to the other, as well as education in responsible animal care.
For further information about the work of the clinic and of Hakol Chai
in Israel, please visit our website at
Sign up for our e-newsletter at

CHAI is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible. Hakol
Chai in Israel is a registered charity with the Israeli government.
Donations can be made at

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CWSI-The Israel cat rescue mission continues!

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From: AnimalVoices

Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 18:57:21

From: Smadar <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 19:18:59 +0200
To: Smadar <[email protected]>
Subject: CWSI-The rescue mission continues!

Forwarded message:

The Cat Welfare Society of Israel </exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http:\\\>

Registered society no. 580140135

Phones: +972-3-6242350, +972-3-6242392
PO Box 1503, Even-Yehuda 40500, Israel
[email protected] (cats_il1 @

The rescue mission continues!

Following reports of the Cat Welfare Society of Israel about cats that
remained in Ganim and Kadim without food and water, and following a
request made by CWSI to army authorities, the CWSI activists and
volunteers were granted access to the settlements once more. This is in
order to continue and rescue the remaining cats.

In the last 5 days, the CWSI has been intensively working together with
Avi Kuzi, the staff of Dr. Yariv Rodman, and volunteers from societies
such as ³Let the Animal Live² and others, to rescue the cats.

So far we rescued many cats and kittens and even countless pigeon
babies, which fell out of their nests, while the houses were being

As the rescue continues, the cats are moved every day to the clinic of
Dr. Rodman, where they are spayed/neutered and vaccinated, and after
their recovery they are moved to their new home at the CWSI's cat
sanctuary in Hadera. Up to this point the CWSI absorbed more than 250
cats ­ about 180 of them came from Ganim and Kadim, and the others from
Gush Katif. The CWSI continues to rescue the cats from North Samaria,
and to absorb cats that are rescued by other societies cooperating with
the Noah animal organization federation, from Gush Katif.

Current photos from the rescue mission will be uploaded to our web-site
as soon as the teams are back from the field.

The CWSI needs assistance in food and funds donations and of volunteers
for treating the cats that are absorbed in the cat shelter.

Please help us in distributing this cry for help.

For donations:

To our bank account:

The Cat Welfare Society of Israel
Bank-Hapoalim, branch 755
Account no. 373739

Online donations via a secure form

Checks can be sent to our mailing address:
Cat Welfare Society of Israel
PO Box 1503 Even-Yehuda 40500, Israel

Contact us for support, information, volunteers and donations:

CWSI spokeswoman - Revital - [email protected] (cats_il1 @

CWSI volunteer coordinator ­ Anat - [email protected] (elad1813 @

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TAKE ACTION: Help Protect the Cats in the Gaza Strip
Ariel Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel, needs to hear from you. Time is of the essence!

The evacuation of the Northern Samaria and the Gaza Strip in the Middle East has left hundreds of cats without caregivers. Without funding from the Israeli government, these cats will be left to starve and die. Please help by sending a letter to the Prime Minister and asking for appropriate funding to help relocate these cats. Click here ... 03565&af=y to learn more and Take Action!

Alley Cat Allies depends upon donations from our supporters. Please consider donating online today! ... 03565&af=y

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