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Revolution is a WONDERFUL product.
Unfortunatly we do not sell it at our practice (I wish they would.)

It last every 30 days, but just like any other flea treatment if you do not need it for fleas after one treatment you don't have to continue using it, but it's nice to because it guards against all these every month.

Adult Fleas
Flea Eggs
Ear Mites
Roundworms and Hookworms
Heartworm Prevention

If you were to not use Revolution you might have to buy the flea treatment, ear mite medicain, constant deworming and heart worm prevention seperatly.
Revolution for 6 months is about $48.00
Buying the Heart worm Prevention and Flea prevent alone from other products can easily be DOUBLE that depending on where you buy it.
Remember revolution is a preventative for heart worm, round worm and hookworms, not a treatment for those animals suffering with a current infestation. Revolution would need to be treated the same way just like any animal needed to recieve heartguard or proheart.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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