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Ridley meets dog!

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I'm in the middle of buying a flat at the moment (argh!) but need to move out of my present place by May 15th. I have temp accommadation for me and the ginger one, but theres a small knot of worry.

The accommadation comes with a large dog. Very elderly dog, I grant you and a quite sick dog as well - but a dog nethertheless. Apparently, said dog is well used to cats (owner of dog also had a cat until it passed on) - so I probably dont have any worries there.

Problem is, of course, I have no idea how Ridley is going to react. He is friendly towards other cats but that doesnt necessarily mean a thing here.

I *could* put Ridley in just one room but he is rather a 'free spirit' and will start complaining very loudly after a while. My only other option is to take him up to my mothers until the sale goes though - but that is likely to take 6-8 weeks. I'd miss him horribly and, in any case, Mums cat Willow is terrified of him so its not an ideal solution.

Any advice much appreciated.
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I'd give it a shot and see what happens. You could always introduce them through a screen door or baby gate to make sure Ridley doesn't hurt the poor old dear.
I would try it, too (slowly). Congratulations!! That may be premature, but I really hope it goes through for you. (I'm moving on Friday, but just renting, not buying.)
thanks Marie ;-)

I guess I'll try and introduce them slowly and see what happens. ;-)
You are moving, Marie? Somewhere nicer!
Yes, I'm moving from the 'hood to the beach. :grin:

I think the key thing here is the speed. You're not going to be there for long (I hope!) so you might not want to take things slowly, but for everyone's sanity (if you have any left), it should be taken very slowly. I can't remember how big you said the dog was, but a babygate with a shield could work.
Congrations Allie on buying your own flat. That is such a huge accomplishment. I hope that process goes well for you and Ridley.

Marie...thank goodness you are moving on up from the hood! No more police helicopters hovering over your house at night.
The dog is about the size of a german shephard if that helps. And he is a lovely old crossbreed. Nice natured but old and sick poor thing.

Marie - how exciting.Were you looking long? Did it take a while to find a pet friendly landlord?
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