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He is 1.5 years

Oh Hey

Im to sexy

Okay please get the new camera out of my face!

Just finished licking his lips


Couldnt leave the dog out!

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Love your furries! Especially love your dog's ears.
he is very handsome!
Wow what a handsome, healthy looking kitty.
"Look at how beautiful I am" is what I imagine him saying in each photo, and who could blame him if he were thinking such things! Soooo handsome. Aren't you lucky to get to look at him all day, every day. ;)

And the dog is gorgeous too! Are they good friends?
I had to revisit. I have read that cats can't really smile or express emotions/moods in their faces because they don't really have facial muscles blah blah blah... Riot has an awesome smile! I have stolen his picture and now have it in my kitty pics folder on my desktop! :)
Wow! What a great looking cat! He's such a handsome boy!
Pretty cat! And BEAUTIFUL GERMAN SHEPHERD! Can I pets them please?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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