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I just wanted to warn all to be careful about buying the Science Diet
Advanced Protection pet food to get the $9 rebate (free after). Hill's Pet
Nutrition sent me my rebate back saying they had to return my submission
because the incorrect UPC proof of purchase symbol(s) was submitted. And
it had all these conditions stated on it afterwards.

$9 for 3.5 lb bag of cat food. If I didn't love my cat, I would go down
there and kick their butts myself for weaseling out of the rebate.

I'm normally pretty good about getting my rebates. There was only 1 UPC on the bag, and it's already discarded. That should've raised a flag when I read how many conditions were on the rebate coupon.

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Hey welcome to the forum! I don't think I've seen you before.

Let me start off by saying that Science Diet's "advanced" forumulas are even worse then their orginials!

This food is a rip off, and frankly not all that great for your cat, save your money, and your breath when dealing with this company.

Here is a list of cat foods you can choose from, most of which are better then Science Diet :)

Highest Grade:
- Blue (sold in PetSmart)
- Natural Balance (sold in Petco)
- Felidae
- Solid Gold
- Innova
- Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul
- Pinnacle
- Wellness
- Timberwolf Organics

Second Grade:
- Natures Variety
- Evolve
- Holistic Blend
- Lick your Chops
- Sensible Choice (sold at Petco)
- Verus

Third Grade:
- Authority (sold at PetSmart)
- Bil-Jac (sold at PetSmart)
- Nutro Natural (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- Nutro Max (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- Natures Recpie (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- Royal Canin (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- AvoDerm (sold at Petco)
- Avo-Cat (sold at Petco)
- Pro Plan (sold at PetSmart & Petco)
- Purina ONE (sold at PetSmart, Petco, Walmart, Target & Grocery Stores)
- Maxximum Nutrition (sold at Walmart)
- Annamaet
- Artemis
- Azmira
- Eagle Pack
- Excel
- Natural Life
- PetGuard
- Precise
- Premium Edge
- Prism
- Pro Pac
- Professional
- Triumph

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Richo, yeah it is a shame, but not uncommon at all. My Asim and Isha once loved SD, until about a month later they refused to eat it any longer, lol.

This SD advanced formula includes Chicken Liver, and added Salt to improve the flavor of this food, encouraging cats to like it. Companies such as this, using additives to encourage a pet to eat their product is also very common. And in turn, owners will think that their cat loves said food!
A bit in the mind set of, if my cat eats it, it must be good for them.

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I guess we're getting a little off topic here, so let me say sorry about the rebate first...and then say we really like Nutro here. Just look at the ingredients on your food. If it reads like a bag of Fritos, maybe you should get something else! :wink:

Our cats have stopped puking, have firmer poop, and are not stinky anymore, thanks to Nutro (I used to call Frodo "Old Possum" due to the stink--not anymore! :lol: )
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