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Robin caught his FIRST MOUSE!!!

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He is very pleased with himself. ^_^

He killed it,but rather than than EAT it,he seems to want to keep it around as a trophy. I know just where it will go. :lol:

Seriously,he's a GOOD mouser. Quick,quiet,there wasn't even a squeek.
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I would recommend taking it away from him, though. My old Cheshire was a great mouser, but one time he ate half the beastie before we got it away from him and he got really sick - the vet said the mouse probably had been poisoned by someone in the neighbourhood. He recovered, but it was very sad. (also there were mouse bones in the litterbox which is icky.)
Screech caught his first mouse since being inside almost 2 years. He ate some of it then threw it up.

I always try to take the mice the cats kill from them because you never know if they have been poisoned somewhere else. My cats don't appreciate it and I do miss some of the ones they catch because they know I will take them and hide them from me. Just two days ago I found Sterling sitting in an awkward position and she was hiding a half dead mouse under her butt!

I did get some humanely killed whole mice from a raw food vender and the cats love them, but they are rather expensive whole. The cats do not recognize the ground mouse pate the raw food vendor sells as something they want to eat yet.

I think my one cat Anna would be great at it too... she caught and ate a spider the other day and I caught her trying to swat and kill a bee 8-O.
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